The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About how to clean your baby’s teeth

Barbadian laser dentist, Dr Derek Golding,  of Dr Golding’s dental at the Garrison Barbados is making a difference with a toothbrush he's been developing over the past four years which is designed to be kind to the environment and revolutionize the way people clean their teeth. 

“Starting with your baby’s first teeth” Dr Golding says “ Is so important in creating a lifetime of healthy  dental habits”

The way we brush our teeth hasn't changed for decades but Dr Golding, who's been a dentist for over 40 years, wants people to be more aware of the damage they could be causing by using traditional dental products and brushing techniques.

"Teeth are living tissues, they're not shoes or floors, and they don't need to be scrubbed”

Dr Golding explains: "I wanted to create a brush that  would be tough on plaque yet tender to teeth”

The biggest “aha” moment for me he says  “Was when I realized that it was actually the way that we hold the toothbrush that was the problem”

Knowing how precious their children’s health is Dr Golding is suggesting that new parents clean their baby’s teeth holding the toothbrush with the same 3 finger pencil grip that dentists use to hold their dental instruments, for perfect precision and control.

 “ You start with a dry Toothtapper, No toothpaste.”

“ You tap your baby’s teeth to remove plaque and bits of food, without the need for chemically-laden and abrasive toothpaste.”

The plaque is absorbed directly on to the dry bristles of the Toothtapper by capillary action the same way that paint is absorbed on to  an artists brush.

This  is the most gentle way to clean your child’s teeth without scrubbing away the enamel and damaging their gums.”

”It is also the safest way to take care of your own teeth” he says with a smile

"It definitely requires a shift to get people to accept that there's no need to scrub their teeth or use toothpaste to have healthy teeth and gums", Dr Golding says.

Living on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados where he can be found enjoying the warm waters and surfing whenever he gets the opportunity. He adds

"It was also important for me to make it environmentally friendly because we're putting far too much plastic in the ocean and I thought 'if I'm going to create a toothbrush it better be biodegradable.”

The Bamboo Toothtapper is available online at and, Massy Stores Supermarket in Sunset Crest, JENN Health & Beauty Supplies, Natures Discount, and Lewis Drug Mart. 

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Derek Golding